Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#MengHitung Hari#

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua...

dah lama x berchit-chat kat sini kan..
actually, aku busy "sikit" @ busy yang amat sangat sampai tak ada masa nak layan blog atau apa-apa pun..YELAH TU!!!!!!

dan sebenarnya...
kami final year student kat Kolej Legenda ni sedang menghitung hari untuk tamat belajar...
YES!!!! finally setelah bertungkus lumus kat tempat Jin Betendang ni @ dalam hutan ni..hehehe akhirnya aku bakal tamatkan perjalanan pahit getir kat sini.... 3 tahun setengah kat Mantin ni, macam-macam kenangan yang terlakar kat sini...manis, pahit, suka, duka, dan pelbagai rasa...

oklah.. xnak cakap banyak.. I busy.. coz, this friday, I need to submit Water and Wastewater Eng.'s assignment..


Thursday, October 6, 2011


Venue: Fish & Co, One Utama
Date: 18 September 2011

~Italian fish and chip and chocolate ice blended*~

* actually, I forgot it name in the menu*

*thanks to my sister's friend, Abang Paan,
sebab belanja makan*

Sunday, October 2, 2011


one day when I wake up from my beautiful dream..
I'm just realize that I have everything in my life..
a family which love me very much..
a lot of friend that care about me..
a perfect life without any difficult situation but

one day..
just a one phone call..
my life just feel empty..
my beloved dad, just hospitalized because of heart attack and high blood..
then, my life start to goes around back..
the memories with him keep remind in my head..
I'm to afraid that I will losing him..
I'm afraid how can I live without him in this world..
then, my head keep thinking the positive way..
maybe this time I just should let my feeling go..
because before this..
I never say the word of love to him..
I never feel to saying it..
because I know my dad is always know that I always love him..
but still
this is the time to telling everything..
tell the little secret that
his little girl here love him so much..
everything that he done for me
I don't ever know how to repay it..
but I know my dad just want me to be successful person and be good person..
I'm willing to that..
and for now on..

I'm promise to you..
I will work hard to make you and Mama happy..
please stay healthy..
I wish you to watching everything whatwill happen in my life..
I still wanna you watching me graduate,
I still wanna you treat you with my first salary,
I still wanna have you by my side when I marry to someone..
and I wanna you play with your grandchild..
I still wanna have a lot of memory with you..

I know, I have to much wishes
but still
I'm human that wanna keep everything perfect in my live..

Please stay, because I just can't let you go yet..
I still wanna to everything with you..
lastly, I wish for you to be healthy like before..
please be strong..

p/s: my dad's condition is better than before..
it make me have a slight of happiness
hope he will be healthy and going back to home
because I know he doesn't like the hospital
same like me..