Tuesday, August 2, 2011



tanggal 1/8 2011, semua umat islam di seluruh dunia menyambut bulan ramadhan yang mulia..
walaupun agak terlambat tapi nak ucap jugak "SELAMAT BERPUASA"....

back to the title... RETURN OF SUPERIOR is......... SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

dengan tajuk album Mr. SIMPLE....

yeah!!!!!!!!! semua lagu dalam album ni terbaik la...

track list song in 5th album Super Junior for 2011

1. Mr. Simple
2. Opera
3. Be My Girl (La La La La)
4. Walkin
5. Storm (SJ KRY with Sungmin & Donghae)
6. Good Friends
7. Feels Good
8. Memories
9. Sunflower
10. White Christmas
11. Y
12. My Love My Kiss My heart (SJ KRY)
13. Perfection (SJM korean version with Henry and Zhoumi)

I love their concept for this album because it's colourful
I love all their song because it's wonderful
you can't found any album of singer who have all great song in the track list right??
I love all of them because who they are
because they are SUPER JUNIOR..

this album was DAEBAK!!!!!

Rating: 4.9/5 star

Can't for the MV this thursday!!!

their MV teaser just make me can't breath well

p/s: this is my baby Hae oppa!!!

He's cute right???

note from me:

I still Love the 13 of them
I still adore the remaining 10
I still waiting for the 3
I still accept the others 2

Super Junior is born to 13
promise to be together till the end
share a laugh, tears and joy together
if now they are only 10
they still hope for the last they want to be 13 again

I believe on that...
ELF will be waiting for that moments...

proud to be ELF even I'm not officially an ELF
but still will support them behind...